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they’re really comforting <3 Everyone has been so supportive and nurturing these past few days, whether they be close family and friends or internet pals. It really means a lot to me, and I thank all of you.

When you’re growing up you believe that your parents are invincible and that they’ll live forever. It’s really unsettling once you have to bring yourself to realize that they’re human just like every one else and their time has to come sooner or later.

My dad died peacefully, and surrounded by his loved ones, and that’s what matters. He got to see the people he loved most one last time, and more importantly, they got to see him.

She’s a girl with the best intentions
He’s a man of his own invention
She looked out of the window
He walked out the door
But she followed him
And he said, “What’cha lookin’ for?”

She said, “I want something that I want
Something that I tell myself I need
Something that I want
And I need everything I see.”

I feel like everything I should be doing to get my life back on track is finally happening, everything I’m supposed to be doing is being done. I’m taking baby steps towards bettering myself.

Back in school, check. Putting my effort and creativity into something that will help another, check. Job search is next, I suppose - and physical maintenance in between everything else.

I want to move to Anaheim with James. We’ve always talked about the idea of eventually moving in together and finding a place somewhere closer to Disneyland, so my Disney lifestyle can flourish. But this is one of those things I can seriously imagine, maybe it’s because I really want it. I’ve been daydreaming about how we would decorate and furnish our apartment or condo, waking up next to each other every morning and cuddling up to sleep together every night.

I think another reason of why the change of location appeals to me, is to get away from the familiar for a year or two. I’ve lived in San Diego my whole life, I think a change of scenery would be nice. I want real independence and grown up experiences. And as weird as it might sound, I want the responsibility of cleaning our own bathroom, and cooking our own meals, and shopping just for the two of us. I want to finally be able to share that with James.

And obviously, this wouldn’t be possible without a huge sum of seed money for us to be able to pay for bills and what-not. I guess that’s where the importance of beginning that job hunt lies.

GPOY ~~ New Tattoo & I Want Contacts Edition

  • Katy Perry
  • Breaking Bad
  • Batman graphic novels
  • replaying Resident Evil 4 (23047634058x on XBox 360)

I got my feet and Deathly Hallows tattoos touched up yesterday after months & months at last. (I don’t want to post a picture of my feet, so here are 4 pictures of my wrist.)

(I wanted to take/post a more recent picture, but I don’t really have anything better on my phone and I’ve been scrubby all day, so this will have to do — it’s from May 6th, my post-Cinco de Mayo evening, in honor of waking up NOT hungover.)

Anyways, a lot has been going on with me these past few months. I haven’t been online much because I recently came back home after visiting my brother in San Jose.

I don’t like the idea of publicizing my weight revelations and all that, so I’ll keep this brief. (Maybe I’ll make a separate/private blog, maybe I won’t, haven’t decided yet.) I have a whole new outlook as far as health and fitness go, and I’m gonna try my damn hardest to actually keep up with my epiphany for once in my life. It’s not going to be easy, but when is stuff like this ever easy for people like me? I’m not going to let food or laziness control me. I owe it to myself to keep my body healthy, and to know my limits of self-control. I’ve already lost about 16 pounds and my weight has been maintaining at a steady pace, and I want to keep it up.

Another thing. I’m going back to school. I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my life, but intellectual stimulation is better than none. Sure, I’ll feel rusty going back to school, but it’s something I’ve got to do. Like I said, it’s not easy, and I don’t want to continue my life without a college education. As much as I detest being in school and keeping up with homework assignments and what not, it’s what I need. Structure. A normal schedule as far as sleep and my day-to-day activities go. Besides, I know writing has missed me, as I have missed it. And I’m seriously hoping to get a new (Mac) laptop with my financial aid, because my Dell is just about ready to jump off a cliff, haha.

I guess I’ll start looking into new jobs, too. To be honest, I have felt incredibly vulnerable without a job these past 6 months or so. I just don’t want whatever my next employment opportunity may be to turn into something I wrap my priorities around, like my last job. And I have to actually save my money. I don’t want material items to own me when it should very well be the other way around,

Reading more, writing more, learning more, eating better, exercising daily. These are small steps into making myself a better, happier, more educated person. Who wouldn’t want to grow? I owe it to myself and everyone who supports and believes in me. I don’t really know what else to include in this rare personal post, but I guess if I think of anything else, I’ll just post it later, haha.

I’ve noticed a pattern from when Toria and I have sleepovers/drink at my house… we eat food that makes us gassy, we have deep conversations, we drink until one or both of us feels tipsy/sicky, and I play Hey Arnold! on Netflix to wind down the night. Oh, and Toria is the first one to fall asleep and I find myself awake and talking to myself in the dark.


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James and I watched Pinocchio the other night. I hadn’t seen it since I was like 12, or even younger. I guess during my later childhood years, I allowed newer Disney movies at the time to knock it lower on my list of Disney favorites.

My brother got me the Blu-Ray for my 19th birthday, and up until recently I realized that I never watched it since receiving it 2 years ago. My brother said that Pinocchio was the first VHS I ever had when I was a baby, and that I would watch it back to back. As soon as the movie would be over, I’d want the tape rewound and immediately played back. Even when I’d visit my next door neighbors to be babysat, I would bring only that movie. I don’t remember any of this, and I thought it was silly.

When James and I started watching it, I got goosebumps almost immediately, because even though the majority of the movie was seemingly erased from my memory, I began to remember everything as it played out in front of me. I remembered all the wooden clocks and toys in Gepetto’s shop, and I remembered how adorable Cleo and Figaro were, and I remembered the happiness Gepetto had when he had completed painting Pinocchio.

Something I had never really noticed before was: Gepetto was lonely. He was a lonely old man with a kitten and a goldfish for company, and he wanted more than anything for Pinocchio to be real, so he could have someone to love. I couldn’t help but tear up when he wished upon a star; and I couldn’t help but tear up and wished I could comfort him when Pinocchio did not come home to him and the feast he had prepared for everyone in celebration of Pinocchio being in their lives - but then he was gone just as quickly as he had appeared.

And when everything was over and Pinocchio had become a real boy at last, my heart felt… happy. I was so happy to see these cartoon characters share such delight amongst themselves, and again I reminded myself: this is why Disney is such an important part of my life; these wonderful, overwhelming bursts of happiness that are just as important now as they were when those moments were barely becoming a part of my childhood. I didn’t know it then, but I feel it now.

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Okay, so a couple of nights ago I posted this —- and here are the final products!

The top photo are my 2010 failures that I allowed to collect dust behind all my other blank canvases. A few nights ago when I started these paintings, I realized that it was time those incomplete canvases turned into something more.

Both Circa Survive-inspired, the hot air balloon is off the cover from the album On Letting Go, titledNobody’s there…— the text around the hot air balloon is a lyric from the songThe Greatest Lie(from the album, obviously):We laugh in the face of love,  cause nobody’s reallythere.

The painting of the girl falling is from the cover of the album Junturna, which is also the name of the painting.

I’m really proud of these paintings and I am so grateful to my inspiration, which I consider to be a separate part from myself. Sometimes, it’s like my inspiration even has a mind of its own.

(And a burrito right now wouldn’t be so bad either…)

// Facebook update

I really want to show you guys what I accomplished painting tonight, but I’m technically not done. I consider this to be a two-part project. Although they are separate pieces, I had the urge to fill them at the same time.

I should probably go to sleep, but I always told myself this: if there’s something keeping you up at night that’s encouraging you to write, paint, or do any sort of creating, do it — and do it until everything you’ve got is spilled on the pages or the canvas, because the desire might be gone in the morning.

And now… back to painting.

For @ilovejord and anyone else who would like to see my tattoos! I think the only picture I don’t have on my computer are the anchors that are on my inner ankles, haha.

I’m too lazy to post all the individual meanings for each, so if you guys were curious about any, feel free to ask me :]

Disneyland Hangover: Dis·ney·land [diz-nee-land] hang·o·ver/ˈhaNGˌōvər/
Definition: Your body feeling sore in many places (sometimes all places) the day after a Disneyland trip. Regardless of the soreness and exhaustion, your body still possesses glee, or a spark therein related to Disneyland.

Yesterday was yet another wonderful Disneyland adventure with James. We got there early enough to be parked in the Pinocchio parking lot, which is my favorite place to be parked as well as the most convenient. Walked around Downtown Disney and explored the Rainforest Cafe before finally sitting down to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D, which was amazing if I do say so myself.

After the movie let out, we hopped the Monorail and got out in Tomorrowland, and had our first ride at Autopia together since getting our Annual Passes (James was the driver). We went on Space Mountain which had a 10 minute wait, I mean… no wait, Fast Passed Star Tours, and had a go on Buzz Lightyear (I won!). I finally got to trade away one of my bulky/heavier pins for a cutest pin of Ham wearing a Goofy hat, and James traded two of his for a baby Pluto and plush Goofy pins. I WILL turn him into a pin trading nerd, I just know it.

We made our way to Adventureland and made a stop at the Jungle Cruise. I got a few (hopefully) good pictures on my Lomo fisheye camera. I’ve been wanting to take more Disneyland pictures with that film camera. (Even though the bulb for the flash is broken and I can only take daytime pictures or really bright indoor nighttime pictures.) We made a climb into Tarzan’s Treehouse because I haven’t been up there in forever and he had never been there before. I forgot how many damn steps there were for that Treehouse!

After getting back on ground level, we jumped in the short 3 minute line for Pirates of the Caribbean, walked around New Orleans Square and spotted Club 33. We made our way to the Haunted Mansion, fresh off from being transformed back to normal after almost 4 months of Haunted Mansion Holiday. I’m not sure if this is considered unpopular opinion or not, but I’d much rather go on the Haunted Mansion when it’s in its classic pride and glory, rather than all the Nightmare Before Christmas swag. But that’s just me.

We strolled over to Critter Country, passing Splash Mountain because James hates water rides unless it’s really hot, and went on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. After we got out, we fell in line for pictures with Eeyore and Pooh, and I got them to sign the birthday cards for my niece and nephew.

By that time we were pretty starved, so we got Subway for a late lunch and I pretty much inhaled my sandwich. Upon re-entering the park, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy were hanging out on Main Street, so I got each of them to sign the birthday cards as well. Goofy wasn’t looking where he was signing, so he ended up signing over Eeyore and Pooh’s signatures on one of the cards, oops.

We headed for Toon Town and as we were passing Fantasyland, Marie (, a follower from FuckYeahDisneyland recognized me! I was so happy and surprised to have had the chance to meet up with a follower! We chatted a bit, dorked out about Disneyland, and the three of us had some Toon Town shenanigans. Roger Rabbit was closed when we got there, so we walked around, took pictures with Donald, and rode Gadget’s Go Coaster. By the time we made our way back to Roger Rabbit, it was open! When I was younger, I always felt that it was an overrated ride, but it so is not!

After Toon Town, James and I parted ways with Marie and we headed to Star Tours to skip the stand-by line with our Fast Passes. We were seated at the last row, the back of the Star Cruiser, which I had never sat before. My feet were dangling from my seat and were nowhere near touching the ground. We ventured to the Wookie Planet and the Death Star. It was really fun to go into hyper space with my feet floating, although a few times I had to brace them on the seat in front of me to prevent my gut from being sliced in half with the seatbelt, haha.

When we got off Star Tours, the park was about 20 minutes away from closing, and we both felt tired enough to have been satisfied by the day’s adventures, so we called it and headed back to the parking lot.

In retrospect, we really missed California Adventure and it was kind of weird to not have set foot at the park at all during our visit, especially because we usually spend the majority of our visits at California Adventure rather than Disneyland. We promised we’d visit both parks during our next trip (hopefully in a couple of weeks!).

With every new Disneyland trip we make, it only confirms my theory that each and every visit is unique and different. Although the parks and rides stay the same, the time enjoyed with the company you keep is always new, and no two memories are alike.



Tuesday, January 24, 2012 — I had an amazing Disneyland adventure today, as always. I think many of you (especially those with an Annual Pass/who frequent the park often) can agree that each visit is always different, and there’s always something new to experience. Today was no different!

I was lucky enough to be spotted by Marie ( on the way into Toon Town with my boyfriend. We got to be Disney nerds together, took a picture with Donald, rode Gadget’s Go Coaster, goofed around with Toon Town’s fun gags, and rode Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin! It was really fun being able to have Marie a part of mine and my boyfriend James’ day, and it will definitely be something to remember!

By the way, Marie, James and I really do believe that you have the potential to be a Cast Member. You’ve got so much spunk, energy, and friendliness. Disney would be lucky to have you! :]

Aww thanks Catherine. I had a really fun evening with you and James as well. And stop with the little compliments. You’re boosting my arrogance scale :P

Hee hee heee :]

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I’ve got about 5 pages’ worth of Disneyland Scavenger Hunt ideas!

You guys have given me a lot of really creative ideas and helpful sources, so please keep ‘em comin’!

And for those of you who haven’t heard: I’m compiling a bunch of ideas for a Disneyland/DCA scavenger hunt. Shoot me some ideas! :]

Tweet yr ideas to @fyeahdisneyland (don’t forget to follow!)

This is the “master post” for submission ideas and what-not.

Disneyland is my lyfe, bro.

2,549 plays
No Doubt,
Tragic Kingdom




Tragic Kingdom - No Doubt

The song “Tragic Kingdom” by No Doubt, who are from Anaheim, is apparently a nod to Disneyland (the Magic Kingdom..?).

Notice the intro to the song is the “Remain seated please!”/”Permanaced sentados por favor!” played in the loading zone of the Matterhorn ride.

No Doubt is pretty much one of my favorite bands of all time <3

Can I just take a minute to explain this and be a huge cunt. Because for some reason this has upset me. This lack of knowledge.
Gwen and i think another or all of them used to work at Disneyland, that’s how they met. They hated it.  
Tragic Kingdom is APPARENTLY a nod to Disneyland? APPARENTLY? 
lets stop and evaluate the lyrics for a second. 

Once was a magical place -Disneyland used to be magical to them
Over time it was lost - Then it got kinda shitty
Price increased the cost -
Its fucking expensive
Now the fortune of the kingdom 
Is locked up in its dungeon vaults - They still think its shitty.
The castle floor lies in traps -Disneyland has a castle. Okay. It does.
With coiled wires set back
Decoyed by the old cheese - It looks nice but its fucking old and lame
Now the drawbridge has been lifted
As the millions - Its always fucking crowded
They drop to their knees
They pay homage to a king - People worship the land of Disney
Whose dreams are burried
In their minds - Walt has brainwashed people into happiness
His tears are frozen stiff - the whole Walt Disney is frozen thing
Icicles drip from his eyes - He’s probs sad cause Disneyland isn’t the same

The cold wind blows as it snows - At christmas time they make main street unnecessarily cold while they make magical fake snow fall from the sky every night
On those who fight to get in
On heads that are small
Disillusioned as they enter 
They’re unaware what’s
Behind castle walls - She hates Disneyland because of working there
But now it’s written in stone
The king has been overthrown
By jesterly fools
And the power of the people
Shall come to believe they do rule

Have they lost their heads

Or are they just all blind mice
We’ve heard all their stories
One too many times
Hypnotized by fireflies
That glow in the dark
Midgets that disguise themselves
As tiny little dwarves - Snow white and the Seven Dwarves’ atmosphere characters are little people
The parade that’s electrical - The Main Street Electrical Parade. OKAY?! OKAY???!?!?!
It serves no real purpose - It’s pretty dumb
Just takes up a lot of juice - It’s a lot of electricity and shit
Just to impress us - Gwen Stefani is not amused


Ugh, this made me so mad ^

This basic interpretation of Tragic Kingdom’s lyrics make sense, but nowhere in that post did it mention that it’s praising the park or honoring it. (“nod”- another word for reference) The song is a satire. And NONE of the band members ever worked at Disneyland. The band started by Gwen’s brother Eric and another member, John Spence. Spence was the original vocals before committing suicide. Tragic Kingdom was named after Tom Dumont’s school teacher’s name for Disneyland- in Anaheim where No Doubt grew up.

And again, I must repeat it, NO MEMBERS OF NO DOUBT EVER WORKED AT DISNEYLAND: “No Doubt received the keys to Anaheim Friday at Disneyland, which the band mocked in its 1995 hit album Tragic Kingdom — lead singer Gwen Stefani even confessed she wanted to work at Disneyland and sing songs at the Disneyland Hotel, and admitted she used to come dancing there. (November 25, 2002)”— source:




Once was a magical place / Over time it was lost / Price increased the cost - Walt had an amazing vision for Disneyland. He never wanted to charge people so much money for admission, but thanks to the greed of businessmen, they have been raising the cost for years and years (especially now).

The castle floor lies in traps / With coiled wires set back / Decoyed by old cheese - Walt Disney was afraid of mice. Ironically enough, he was. This is either factual or a play on words - I don’t know if he for sure kept mouse traps lying around, but Disneyland park is populated by a bunch of stray cats who call it home. At night they hunt all the mice in the park, which also keeps the rodent population on a low.

As the millions they drop to their knees / They pay homage to a king whose dreams are buried in their minds - This talks about how the Cast Members and park guests (but mostly the Cast Members) remember Walt fondly for his vision. All Cast Members are required to take classes called ‘Traditions’ which cover all the history of Disneyland and are taught that Disneyland is not a typical workplace for them: Disneyland is their stage and it is the Cast Members’ duties to put on a show.

The cold wind blows as it snows - They don’t MAKE IT COLD. Anaheim is just naturally cold in the winter. (Sometimes downright freezing if you’re used to living in a warmer climate.)

On those who fight to get in / On heads that are small / Disillusioned as they enter / They’re unaware what’s / Behind castle walls - This talks about the huge number of crowds that attend the park daily/yearly, many of which are tourists who have never been there and find themselves in awe upon entering.

I’m usually not bothered when someone posts their own opinions or interpretations, but I had to speak up because this is exactly how I get riled up. No Doubt & Disneyland. Two of my most favorite things. Ah hell nah.

Talk about ignorance, shit.

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