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Sailor Head + Sailor Nurse 



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Raccoon city.


Silent Hill <3

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Man shuts down hospital - thought he was in Silent Hill.. and gets away with it?

You don’t often see Silent Hill at the center of a “games made me do it” controversy, but a thirty-five-year-old man claims that Konami’s psychological horror series inspired him to break into a hospital basement and shut off the electricity.

The man, identified only as Jan H., claims to have been in a state of psychosis and believed he was playing the game. Jan infiltrated the basement of Sophia Hospital in the Netherlands last April, where he shut off the power and forced a blackout for forty-five minutes. People were trapped in elevators and doctors had to manually keep intensive care patients breathing. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

Amazingly, he was found not guilty in a trial last week as the court ruled Jan had “no idea of the true consequences of his deed.” Jan claims that, during his warped state of mind, he believed that shutting off the hospital power would allow him to acquire a toothbrush as part of some convoluted Silent Hill puzzle.

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OKAY, I just wanted to reblog the picture but the story on this is TOO weird and creepy. But anyway, played Silent Hill: Homecoming on my 360 today thanks to Cat. She stopped by last night around 1AM, in which we didn’t sleep until 5:30 AM(ish) then woke up around 9AM just to get Mexican food at Robertacos o______o P.S. Loving the rainy weather! But now I have to get myself to study for my math test tomorrow +the philosophy test on Tuesday. Bah humbug.